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Our goal at York Versatile Canines is to help you and your pet learn to learn, to play, and to work with you as a team.
Whether you are looking for basic manners and good behaviour or to pursue a sport with your dog, we can help.

Our positive motivation training methods, teach your dog to make the right decisions through choice rather than force.

We offer classes in various disciplines at various locations. Due to space/equipment requirements, different locations in York Region are utilized. (Retrieving classes are in Alliston near Tottenham & Scent Detection workshops are hosted at many locations throughout Ontario.)

Once you and your dog are working well together with a solid obedience/compliance foundation, there is a sport that's perfect for you both.

Classes available include basic obedience, rally obedience, retrieving, scenting and throughout the year some special days introducing other canine sports such as dock diving and herding.

After the groundwork is laid, you can either opt to continue with higher levels of obedience or rally, or try one or many performance sports. You and your dog will find something that you love and doors will open.

If you are looking for a sport or class that we don't offer; through our association with other clubs and organizations we will gladly refer you to another recommended trainer.

Ultimately, we want you and your dog to enjoy a lifetime of working together, as a team, happily!

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